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Open all hours?

At Century AutoCare our official opening hours are 8.30 to 5.30 during the week and 9.30 till 1 on Saturday, but it is rarely that straight forward. Quite often you will find our doors open and lights burning at our St Helens garage well into the weekday evening. It all boils down to customer service.

Sometimes we simply have to finish a vehicle for a customer that day and rather than disappoint we take a little longer to complete the job, which inevitably takes us past our 5.30 closing time. Also many of our customers will only finish work at 5.30 and may want to collect their car at the end of day, in which case we are happy to help them by waiting a while for them to arrive.

Other times people are driving home and hoping that a garage is open to perhaps fix a bulb or top up the antifreeze. If you are one of these motorists in need and find yourself driving along Merton Bank Road one evening then please feel free to call in and see if we can assist.

Open all hours? Not quite – but nearly!

Century Autocare is an independent garage based in St Helens Merseyside

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At the St Helens workshop we get many customers calling in at this time of year concerned about the anti-freeze in their vehicles cooling system. Newcomers to our garage usually ask the same three questions.

  • How do I know what the strength of the anti-freeze is and what temperature it will protect down to?
  • What is the difference between red and blue anti-freeze?
  • Can I mix various types of anti-freeze?

We can answer the questions but it is usually a lot easier (and quicker) just to carry out the free Century AutoCare winter check. It only takes about 10 minutes and tells us the strength of the existing anti freeze and what action is needed to prepare your vehicle for winter.  If you feel that you must know about such things (despite our free offer where we do it all for you) then take a look at our lovingly prepared Anti-freeze fact sheet

When we say its quick and easy  – it is. The picture below shows our mechanic using a device called a hydrometer to carry out the check. This tells us how much antifreeze is actually in the coolant and at what temperature it will freeze. It’s that simple.

century autocare mechanic checks antifreeze strength.
Hydrometer shows this antifreeze will protect to about minus 31C

We don’t know what the coming winter has in store for us  but if it is anything like last year it will almost certainly be difficult one for us motorists. Most unusually for St Helens we had some extremely cold weather with temperatures in Merseyside and West Lancashire dropping to an incredible minus 17 degrees centigrade.

It was made worse by the first spell of cold weather coming in early December which is normally a relatively mild time. It caught many motorists out.

Winter in West Lancashire - no fun for motorists
Winter in West Lancashire – no fun for motorists

These sort of temperatures place huge demands on your anti-freeze so its well worth taking a few minutes out of your busy day to call in to our garage on Merton Bank Road for your free winter check. Unfortunately once an engine freezes it can be a very expensive repair, so this is definitely a case of prevention rather than cure.

Century Autocare is an independent garage  based in St Helens Merseyside. The free winter check is carried out without any obligation whatsoever. An appointment is not always necessary.

Telephone 01744 753333

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